Jul 24, 2013

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It’s a Charlie Kind of World

Charlie the KittenLast Friday, July 19, I brought home Charlie, the latest foster kitten. This guy is a charmer. He is very different from the little sisters that I had last month. This guy is about 7-8 weeks old now and was trapped by an inexperienced trapper back on June 24. He is a feral and unfortunately the trapper didn’t get his mom or his three siblings. My mission is to socialize him, with the help of my own felines, canines and humans.

I have been giving him the run of my son’s old room. I even set up my laptop in there so I can do some work projects in that room. I have noticed then when I leave, he sits in the desk chair.

Today, we reached a new high: he not only climbed onto my lap multiple times, but he also decided he doesn’t like to be ignored while I work and decided to visit the desk as I was typing on the laptop. Great strides for one with such little legs!

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