Apr 30, 2015

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It’s Not Too Late and You’re Not Too Old!

laptop“You will never be able to leave that dog alone with your pet rabbit,” said the Veterinarian. She had spoken those words to me on the day my husband and I adopted a 3-year-old greyhound we named, Rosie.

I often receive calls from adults who have received a new electronics device and are convinced they are either too old to learn something new or that it is too late for them to bother learning how to operate this new equipment. Just as I taught my old dog, Rosie, to learn to live in harmony with our rabbit, Billy Bunny, anyone can be taught how to use that new digital camera or laptop. The key to discovering all that your new toy can do might be as easy as spending some time with your device and the manual. Or, you may prefer to review online tutorials, take a group class or private lesson to grasp all that your device can do for you.

Check out some of the online tutorials below. If you still need help, contact me to set up some private or group lessons!

Digital Camera Tutorials:

Laptop and Desktop Tutorials:

Have fun learning a few new tricks!


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