Sep 22, 2018

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Step into Autumn!

And all at once summer collapsed into fall.
~Oscar Wilde

The back-to-school sales are long over. Halloween candy, Thanksgiving decorations and Christmas ornaments have adorned store aisles for several weeks.

Still, to me, summer is not officially over simply because the school buses are delivering neighborhood children to and from the schools. Summer end when fall truly arrives!

Good-bye Summer! Hello, Fall!

This evening, the Fall Equinox is at 8:48pm. I always look forward to this time of year. I am not a fan of the hot, humid and hazy days of summer. I prefer the cool nights of the autumn season, along with the crisp mornings that are sure to follow.

This time of year is also my favorite time to lace up my sneakers, grab one of our dogs (or maybe two!) and head out for a walk around the neighborhood. It is also a time to plan for those chilly, windy and rainy days when getting in my steps in the neighborhood might not happen. (Yes, I think I have the only lab-mix dog that hates rain!)

Walk Videos: Some Good Choices

My second walking choice is to use walk videos on either DVD, digital streams or YouTube. Some of my favorites are made by Leslie Sansone and Jessica Smith. Leslie Sansone has a wide selection of walk DVD’s. Her YouTube Channel, Leslie Sansone’s Walk at Home, has a lot of videos to try for free. Jessica Smith is another tried-and-true and go-to staple for my indoor workouts. She also has a large selection of walk DVD’s. Her YouTube Channel, JessicaSmithTV, is a wonderful resource for walking, yoga and strength training videos.

Lace up those walking shoes!

When I don’t want to deal with the super chipper chatter of Leslie or Jessica, I turn to a couple of channels on YouTube: DanceFaithFitness and WalkingOnlineWorkouts.  These are both the creation of Valarie and are my first choice lately for working out. The music is usually good and time passes swiftly. If you like either of these channels, I highly recommend doing a trial of Valarie’s subscription channel at – it’s definitely work the $9.99 subscription fee!

Beginning Monday, I will post a daily playlist of some of my favorite walking and stretching/yoga videos. One thing I have learned in my quest to workout every day is that if I plan what I will do then it usually gets done!

Keep stepping!

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