Aug 2, 2009

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Friends, Family & Fate

You meet people who forget you. You forget people you meet. But sometimes you meet those people you can’t forget. Those are your ‘friends.’

Once again, life is showing me that people are placed within the lives of others for a reason. I originally met my friend, Beverly, some 13 years ago when her son joined the Cub Scout pack at the local school. Through the years we have been like sisters: we have laughed and cried together, we have supported one another, we have gotten mad at one another and still we remain close. Beverly was one of the few who kept me sane during the long illnesses with my great aunt and my dad. My family became her family; her son is like my son. We are “family” even though we are not blood relatives.

Several years ago, I met Bill; he is another person who has since become a good friend. He has helped my family through some difficult times, as well. Bill is a compassionate, funny guy, who also had a deep sadness from the inability to have a baby with his wife.

A few short weeks ago, these two friends of mine met because of a young woman who had moved in with Beverly. The woman was pregnant and wanted to place her baby with a loving couple. I mentioned to Beverly that I knew a couple who might be interested in talking to her new roommate about adopting the baby.

Here is where “fate” comes into the story…or, as I prefer, God’s handiwork became evident.

Bill and his wife met with the girl; they all asked a lot of questions. He set up appointments for her to meet with health care professionals. In the meantime, the birthmom went into labor and delivered a healthy baby girl just this past Friday.

When I think back on the last few years, I am overcome by the fact that my relationships with my friends have resulted in one couple becoming a family! For a few years, I have added Bill and his wife’s name to our church prayer list, asking God to bless them with a child. Now, I get to write their names, along with that of the birth mother, on that same list offering thanks!

I will also continue to ask God to bless all of my family – including the friends who are also my family!

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