Dec 23, 2009

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Sugar Cookies, Pizzelles and Fudge

Last week, my sister mentioned that her boys would love to come over to meet my feline children. Her family had adopted two kittens over the past six months and it seems they have fallen under the spell of the purring furry kids, too. Since the kids are on Christmas break, I invited them to come over to my home to meet the kittens and to do some baking.

The gang arrived in the late morning to meet the critters and  to make some goodies for the Christmas holidays. We all enjoyed a pleasant afternoon of giggling at the antics of the pets along with making sugar cookies, Italian Pizzelles (our grandmother’s recipe) and fudge.

I will admit that part of me was not looking forward to the potential chaos that this visit might bring. In addition to my sister and her boys, my niece and one of her friends also joined us. Two moms, three boys, two young ladies, two dogs and three cats….yes, lots of potential for lots of chaos!

Instead of chaos, I found myself enjoying one of the best days that I have had in a very long time. Amid the flour, sugar and vanilla extract, my sister and I giggled together like we have  not done in a long time.

We took a few breaks to bang out “Chopsticks” and “Heart and Soul” on my piano. I think both of us enjoyed watching our niece and her friend laughing with my youngest son, Doug. (I do suspect Doug thought the girls were laughing at him, rather than with him!) I enjoyed teaching my nephew how to make fudge; I bet his arm is still tired from the slow, steady stirring of the ingredients!

I am glad that my kittens became the inspiration for my sister to bring her boys over for a visit. I am delighted that we shared fellowship and laughter with all of the kids as we made cookies and fudge. I hope that some memories were created for the children, too. I know our families and friends will enjoy the sweet taste of the sugar cookies, pizzelles and fudge. I know I will enjoy the memories we made together far longer!

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