Mar 28, 2010

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On the recent health care bill…

Last week, one of our local columnists, Phil Kadner, wrote a commentary on the passage of the health care bill, entitled Health Care Battle Far From Over. (You can read the piece here:,032310kadner.article)

I sent in a response to Kadner’s commentary, which was published in the SouthtownStar on Sunday, March 28, 2010 (,032810letters.article ).

Here is my response (in italics):

Phil Kadner discussed the ongoing health care reform battle on Tuesday, March 23. He referred to those who voted “nay” when he stated, “But when you’ve got one of the best insurance programs around, it’s pretty easy to vote against change.”

A similar idea can be stated about the 219 Democrats who voted for this health care bill because every one of them has the same insurance program as the Republicans and Democrats who voted against the bill: When you have one of the best insurance programs around, it’s pretty easy to vote for change that affects every American, except for themselves!

I will support this health care reform when the representatives who are voting on behalf of the American people have the same kind of health insurance, health care costs and medical care access as the “average Joe.” Until then, stop telling me that raising my taxes and medical expenses is what is best for me. Spending more of my money does not save me a dime!

Every day in the media we seem to learn about more things in this bill that will have an impact on the lives of every American. In reality, the impact will be on the lives of everyone EXCEPT the very politicians who had their hand in the voting process for this monstrous bill.

It would be nice, miraculous even, if our representatives, along with the media, would remember this.

Whether you are in support of this bill or against it, as Americans we have the right to know what is in the bill, in its entirety.

 What do you think?

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