Feb 16, 2011

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Tell Senator Ed Maloney to Withdraw SB 136 – and Do Not Amend It!

Yesterday, thousands of homeschoolers traveled to Springfield, Illinois, to attend a hearing regarding SB 136. This bill would require non-public school students to register with the Illinois State Board of Education. It is sponsored by State Senator Edward Maloney, 18th District. This happens to be my district.

It seems Sen. Maloney plans to amend SB 136 so that the language specifically references homeschooled students.

I have several questions about this bill:

I am wondering how a bill can be passed, applicable only to homeschoolers, when the Supreme Court declared homeschools are private schools here in the State of Illinois. Just how will this be accomplished? It seems to me that this would be unconstitutional.

Then, there is the matter of funding this “registration.” Who will bear the costs associated with registering thousands of homeschooled students? As a property owner in Cook County, I am already paying over $3,000 every year to my local school districts. It seems to me that property owners will end up bearing the costs associated with this bill.

Exactly what will be done with the information provided to the Illinois State Board of Education?  I am thinking that registration would be just the first step to saddling the homeschooling community with further requirements and restrictions.

None of these questions were addressed at yesterday’s hearing.

As a resident in the district served by Sen. Maloney, I will be paying his office a visit later this week. I hope to be able to meet with the Senator and have him answer these questions and address my concerns.

Do not worry, though, as I will not be holding my breath.

For more information on SB 136, visit the Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/STOPSB136

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