Dec 26, 2011

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Fun With Comcast

Calling Comcast about a bill increase is always fun. For me, it goes something like this:

Me: Hi, Will, yes, I love Comcast! However, my 6 month promotion just ended and my bill went from $110.67 to $131.85 per month. What can you do to make my plan more economical?

Will: Sorry, Mrs. Hoogland, the only thing I can advise is to drop your TV service or your Internet service to the next lower level. We do not even offer the Internet service that you have now; it has been replaced by the faster and cheaper Blast service.

Me: Wait! You mean you guys lowered the price of the Internet service I am being billed for but did not offer me, a longtime customer, this cheaper service?

Will: Well, we did grandfather your Internet service in at that pricing.

Me: Oh, really? You know what, I think I need to cancel the TV portion of the service. What would the price be for just the Internet?

Will: $69.95 per month – but that would be for the FASTER Blast service, not the one you have now.

Me: So, if I just did the Internet, it would be with the FASTER, CHEAPER Blast service and not the one I have now?

Will: Yes.

Me: Okay – then I want to cancel the TV and keep just the Internet.

Will: Ok, let me get you over to the right service person to handle that TV cancellation.

The next dude to take the call is Phillip.

Phillip: Mrs. Hoogland, I understand you want to cancel your TV. Let me ask you are there any channels you like watching?

Me: Sure, Phillip, History Channel, Hallmark, On Demand and a few others.

Phillip: Okay, let me see if I can find something to fit your budget.

(Furious typing can be heard in the background.)

Phillip: How about the same TV with the FASTER internet for the total price of $93.04, with taxes, for the next six months? After that it goes up an additional $20.

Me: Sure! Let’s go with that!

Note to self: I keep the same service I have enjoyed for $17.63 less a month. Even when it goes up $20, it’s not much more than what I’ve paid for the past six months. Of course, I’ve already put a note on my calendar to call to renegotiate in six months.

Not bad for a 15 minute phone call. I think I will use the money I saved to buy a few Groupons to a favorite restaurant.

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