May 18, 2012

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Another Thing Obamacare Does Not Fix

Always laugh when you can. It is cheap medicine.
~Lord Byron

Yet another thing Obamacare did NOT fix:

I went to pick up meds today and was told my order was “conveniently converted” to a generic format. When I asked where it was made, I was told “it’s made by Teva USA so it must be made in the USA.”

I guess I must have really rolled my eyes, rather than thinking about it, because the girl at the desk gave me a “huh?” kind of face. I told her that just because a company has the letters U S A in their name does not mean it is actually made in the United States of America. I asked her what the differences were in the ingredients; she told me the active ingredients are the same. I told her I want to know what is in each, both the brand name and the generic. And I want to know where each is made.

Said girl enlisted the aid of another pharmacy worker who pulled out the information from both drug companies.

Turns out the generic is made in India. Yup, India. And, of course, even though the “pills look the same” – and yes, the girl actually said that! – they do not have the same inactive ingredients.

My choice is to take the 3-month supply of generics for $14.00 or buy the American made brand name for $325.00 (total cost is $459.00 – insurance will cover only $134.00).

Of course, I did  what any angry customer would do, I told them to keep the generics and I will get back to them. Now, I will contact our insurance company to find out what my options really are in this situation. As a patient, I should have the right to choose to stay on a medication that I know works, without worrying over possible allergies to inactive ingredients.

Of course, perhaps if Obamacare had actually addressed this kind of situation, then maybe I, along with millions of other Americans, would not have to deal with the issue of overpriced medications.

Obviously, the only winners here are the pharmaceutical companies. Oh, and the politicians. I fear the only laughter here is coming from both the pharmaceutical folks and the politicians – laughing their way to the bank on the backs of folks like me.

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