Jul 28, 2012

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I Support Religious Freedom

All this hoopla about Dan Cathy, CEO of Chick-fil-A, believing that marriage is between one man and one woman has caused a lot of interesting discussions. Add in Mayor Emanuel claiming that the views of Cathy are not the views of Chicago, while also supporting Louis Farrakhan, who also believes as Cathy does, and the discussion continues.

Some who have discussed this topic suggest that Farrakhan is entitled to his view because he is a “religious leader” but Cathy is not because he runs a company. Consequently,  because Cathy is a CEO if he publicly proclaim his religious beliefs this automatically makes his personal beliefs become those of his company.

I would ask: Should a business owner be entitled to voice his religious views  and as such do his views would automatically reflect that of his company and the company policies? Are religious leaders the only ones who are allowed to voice their religious beliefs?

The Mayor of Chicago has proclaimed that Chick-fil-A should be denied a permit to operate in the city based on the CEO’s personal beliefs. How is this denial not bigotry while the Mayor partners with Louis Farrakhan, who has the same beliefs on marriage, plus is anti-Semitic to boot, in the city’s fight against crime? Can we pick and choose who we will oppose, claiming bigotry when convenient?

Our Constitution protects the right to practice any religion … or none at all. It doesn’t say that we must check our religion at the door if we own a business. By all accounts that I have read, Chick-fil-A does not discriminate against any of its employees, no matter their sexual orientation.

The Mayor of Chicago needs to learn that he cannot discriminate based on someone’s religious beliefs. When he does, it makes him the bigot that he pretends to dislike so much.

I support a business owner who is brave enough to voice his beliefs, even if they are not deemed politically correct by the liberals in our country. I support religious freedom. And even though I do not personal agree with Dan Cathy, I plan to support his right to believe as he will. I may even go and try a sandwich at Chick-fil-A next week.

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