Sep 15, 2013

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See The Fly?

8930322-fly-cartoon-characterA common housefly can be a source of irritation. Or amusement and comfort.

Growing up, my parents took my five siblings and I on many camping trips. On one of those adventures, a fly had gotten into the family tent. This turned into a contest of sorts when each of us would call out, “See the fly?” or “See the fly go by.” Quite silly, and still makes me laugh when I think about our dad saying these lines in a cartoonish sort of voice. 

Fast forward some 40 or so years….

This morning, I was the lector at 10:30am Mass. At our small church, this requires being on the altar for the entire Mass to recite the readings, Prayers of the Faithful and announcements. Since this is my childhood church, I often think about my parents and family when I come here. This last week, I have had my dad on my mind a lot and often feel his presence at our church.

About half way through the Mass, I noticed a fly buzzing around the altar. I ignored the first pass. As he came in for a second, third and fourth trip around the altar area, I could hear my dad saying, “See the fly? See the fly go buy?”  

Feelings of amusement and comfort washed over me. It is just like my dad to remind me that he is with me in the strangest ways. Most days he is felt quietly in the background of my life. Other times, he buzzes around, reminding me that though gone from this earth, his sense of humor and warmth remains.

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