Oct 8, 2013

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Nemo’s Corner

Nemo, 25 days old 10/30/13

Nemo, 25 days old

After several weeks of photographing and filming Nemo, the orphan kitten my husband and I took in on October 8, 2013, I decided to organize everything on my blog. I have been uploading photos and videos to my Facebook, but have been encouraged to gather them all in one place. 

Perhaps visitors will be amused, fall in love with cats for the first time or simply gain some encouragement if they decide to take on the care of an orphaned kitten.

To read view all a list of Nemo musings, photos and videos, click on the “Nemo’s Corner” tab on the top or right side navigation (direct link is http://www.crazycatladymews.com/category/nemos-corner/.




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