Nov 23, 2013

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Nemo: 7-weeks-old

2013-11-23 07.45.59

Nemo, 7-weeks-old, flexing his wee little claws as he plays.

November 23, 2013. Young Nemo is 7-weeks-old today.

While he is still pretty small, his personality is fairly large.

He is very social and loves to be with my husband and I, our dogs and other cats.

His favorite pooch is Kelly. And, God bless this dog because she has so much patience with this kitten, his sharp teeth and equally sharp nails.

It warms my heart – and amazes me – to see how gentle Kelly is with our littlest feline.

Our other cats are pretty good with  Nemo, too. The girls, Ellie Mae and Zecora seem to enjoy playing with him. The boys,  Jethro and Dexter, are more interested in stealing his food.

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