Nov 25, 2013

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Nemo: Owns the Bed


Nemo gets on the bed all by himself! Now, how to get down?


November 25, 2013. Young Nemo reached a milestone today. Okay, so this is really another way of saying he is quickly finding ways to elevate himself! And get into mischief.

This morning, Nemo figured out how to get on the bed – All. By. Himself. This means nothing will be safe by the end of the day!

Actually, it was quicker than that!

Within minutes of getting onto the bed, he figured out how to get onto the small desk to the right of the bed.

And then he figured out how to get onto the little drawer unit to the right of that…climbing through the bed ladder, he got onto the big desk. All of that in just minutes!

Now, my friends, life will be getting truly interesting. In the very near future, I hear things breaking throughout house!

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