Dec 30, 2023

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Six Geese a-Laying

6th Day of ChristmasMerry Sixth Day of Christmas!

 The beauty of God’s creation is amazing and yet I find I often take it for granted. Even in these short days of winter there is beauty to be found if one looks closely. Outside in the morning, I see squirrels at work stashing food for the season; birds hanging out under the awnings chirping their songs (and driving my cats nuts!), and the beautiful Christmas decorations reminding me yet again it is still the merry season. At night when I take our dogs out, the crisp air is cleansing, and I like to admire the glow of the moon and sparkles of the stars. It makes me pause to think how beautiful this world is, this world God created in six days!

 Why Six Geese a-laying on the Sixth Day of Christmas?

Six Geese a-Laying represent the six days of creation:

  • 1st Day: Creation of light and its separation from darkness
  • 2nd Day: Creation of the firmament and division of the waters
  • 3rd Day: Collection of waters (sea) and formation of dry land (earth); creation of plants according to their own likeness
  • 4th Day: Creation of heavenly bodies in the firmament (sun, moon, and stars)
  • 5th Day: Creation of sea creatures and winged fowl from the waters
  • 6th Day: Creation of cattle, creeping things, and beasts from the dry land; creation of mankind, male and female.

For my readers, can you think of 6 things you have noticed which make you appreciate God’s creations?

Merry Christmas,


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